Black Belt Club

Seminar schedule for our Black Belt Club members. For more information on Black Belt Club, please see the front desk. Please note that we will be expanding upon our Black Belt Club program. Beginning in February, seminars will be featured twice a month and will follow a specialty BBC curriculum. From time to time, BBC students will perform the material learned at graduations!

All BBC members meet for the Fridays listed below at 7pm for 1 hour

2/2 - Nunchaku Basics
2/16 - Nunchaku Part 1
3/9 - Nunchaku Part 2
3/23 TBA


Lunar NY Events & Demonstrations!

Please join us & come dressed in silks & sign up at the Front Desk.

• ISTP Cowper: Friday 2/16 2:30pm TBD

• Stanford Mall (Courtyard by Macy’s, where Santa sets up): Saturday 2/17, Meet at 12:45pm

• Pinewood School: Wednesday 2/28 TBD

• GMS Demo: Thursday 3/1 2:40pm

• Mitchell Park Library: Sunday 3/4, Meet 1:45
(please allow ample time to park)



Be Mine, Valentine!

Sending a power packed valentine to all our beloved members! If you’re feeling the love, we’ve got some fun stuff to share with all the special (big and little!) people in your life. A “love” ninja, a journal to inspire and reflect in, a sweet flower garland, a cool zombie craft, a cuddley critter, or pick up some boxing gloves and a punch card to motivate and give the gift of health! Remember, it’s not just about romance but friendships too. Spread the love to your nieces/nephews, your besties, co-workers, teachers and those special connections that make ordinary days more meaningful.

To share the love, we’re offering *20% OFF ALL apparel AND merchandise ONLY through February 14th!

(*All Sales Final & Cannot Be Combined With Other Offers. Not Applicable to Wushu Items/Weapons/Shoes).



February’s Monthly Theme for Childrens Martial Arts: TENACITY

Our theme this month is TENACITY. We will challenge students to think of different ways possessing TENACITY could help them reach their goals in AND out of the studio!



Upcoming NASKA Compete Martial Arts Tournament: 2/23-25

Join us as we cheer on and support our students who will be competing at the end of this month! This is a 6 “A” rated National tournament and students interested should inquire at the front desk to get approval from our coaches. Tournament website is:

President's Day Weekend

February: President’s Weekend Holiday Schedule 2/16-19

Please note the modified schedule for this holiday weekend, thank you!

Friday 2/16
9am: K1
4pm: Youth - W,Y,O,G,P
4:45pm: Youth - Bl & Up
5:30pm: K1
6:15pm: Teen/Adult

Saturday 2/17
8:45am: K1 (1 hour class)
9:45am: Little Dragons
10:15am: Youth - ALL
11am: Teen/Adult

Sunday 2/18
9:30am: K1
10:30am: Youth-All
11:15am: Teen/Adult

Monday 2/19
9am: K2
3:30pm: Little Dragons
4pm: Youth - W,Y,O,G,P
4:45pm: Youth - Bl & Up
5:30pm: K1
6:15pm: Teen/Adult

Parking Reminder


Parking Reminder

Just a note to our new members regarding our parking. Please enter IN the back lot along the alley that runs between the studio & mechanic and exit OUT the alley along Buckles-Smith. Please DO NOT PARK in front of our neighbors (electrical company & mechanic) AT ANY TIME WEEKDAYS from 8am-4:30pm! We take great effort to respect our neighbors so please be warned that your vehicle may be towed! Parking in front of our side of the building, anywhere in the back lot or street parking (just around the corner on Leghorn or San Antonio) is permitted at all times. Also, please do not park along the sidewalk or in the “alleys” on either side of the building. Thank you for helping us maintain a safe environment for everyone and their vehicles!

Valentines kids



We will be offering FREE Valentines for all students this month! Parents: Let us help save you some time and don’t worry, we’ve got you covered this year! Arriving shortly, valentines have a wicked cool pair of kung fu dragons along with a valentine special for your friends! Each student is allowed 20 valentines, first come, first served!

Year of the Dog


Happy Chinese New Year! Year of the DOG

Chinese New Year is the biggest and most celebrated holiday in most of Asia. It is a time of homecoming, feasting with family and friends - a time to celebrate and be thankful for our many blessings. The sign of the dog is known, not surprisingly, for their good nature, loyalty and generosity. Those born in the year of the dog are always willing to help and enjoy activity and exercise, and are typically healthy and resilient to illness . Dogs may sometimes be reluctant to place their trust in just anyone, but once they do, members of this sign can make the best business partners and friendships. And while Dogs might enjoy life more by relaxing their exacting standards from time to time, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better or more faithful friend. The Dog is an ethical and idealistic sign, and the year that bears its name will also bring increased social awareness and interest in society’s less powerful members. Any tendencies to take, take, take will be replaced by a widespread sentiment of generosity and selflessness. In general, we will all be imbued with the Dog’s keen sense of right and wrong. We are thankful to have the good fortune to continue to challenge and inspire you to a stronger, healthier and more vibrant “You!”


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